February 2022

SEO Strategy: Using Social Media Profiles

Any business that has strong SEO strategies knows the value of social media profiles. Having strong social media profiles can lead to more exposure online, connect you with your customers/clients, and enhance your company’s online reputation. This strategy can also play an important role in driving favorable search engine rankings.

Your social media presence promotes links and sharable content. Google and other search engines notice frequently shared links as a sign of a website’s credibility and popularity and awards those websites with higher rankings. In order to be on par with your competition, you must optimize your social platforms (Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram).

Are you posting fresh social media content across all relevant profiles?

Unless you have your own website associated with your name, your social media profiles are ordinarily the first Google results shown when someone searches for you, your services, or products.
Your social media profiles may be the first encounter potential customers/clients have with your company brand. That first impression will either encourage visitors’ interest or drive them away to find your competitors. It is advantageous, therefore, to consider each of your social media profiles as a landing page for your personal brand.

Remember to interlink your profiles to each other. Most social networks have places to include links to your other networks, and you should use them whenever you can.

Finally, remain connected, be an active member on your social networks. You will start acquiring a following very quickly.

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