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About Sapient eCommerce

Remember the principled days of business, when a service provider’s success was determined by his/her clients’ success, and she worked tirelessly to ensure that success?

I remember my parents’ MetLife Insurance agent coming to our house on a Saturday and discussing various policies and helping them choose the ideal one to accomplish their long-term goals. It wasn’t the last time he visited. He and my dad eventually became fishing buddies.

Some old principles persist. We are advocates for developing real relationships with every one of our clients. We take the time to understand all facets of your business – your goals, pain points, and competitive landscape. Then work with you to develop a strategic plan for success.

Sapient eCommerce is a full-service ecommerce website development, digital marketing, and SEO agency. We focus primarily on professional SEO services for small to medium-size businesses. It is a demographic we fully understand.

Sapient eCommerce’s Story

May 23, 2001. That’s when we open our doors for the first time. One of our first customers was Pack-Timco Heating and Cooling. Working closely with their comptroller we designed/developed their first website and developed a marketing strategy. Within three years the company’s annual revenue increased from $3.8MM to $11.2MM.

What has distinguished Sapient eCommerce for over 20 years is our dedication to and collaboration with our clients, and our commitment to transparency and accountability?

Our Values

Diversity and Inclusion –  It’s Just Smart Business

At Sapient eCommerce, we firmly believe in multiculturalism and diversity. Everyone’s voice is respected.

Given the transition to a multicultural landscape in the U.S. and abroad, building a team of people with diverse backgrounds ensures that we consistently bring a new and relevant prospective to all of our digital services. In fact, developing multicultural marketing strategies for our clients has become essential to our success.

Our clients benefit from recognizing different ethnicities and cultures because  consumers’ backgrounds influence how they consume content, products, and services. Hence, successful marketing strategies consider diverse traditions, languages, customs, beliefs, and experiences when creating content.

What We Do

Digital Marketing Services: ecommerce website development, SEO, Content Creation, custom website design and development
*        Digital Marketing
*        Professional SEO Services
*        eCommerce Web Design   
*        Branding
*        WordPress Experts
*        Content Creation
*        Paid Advertising (PPC), Goal Oriented AdWords
*        Customer Website Design/Development
*        Lead Generation and Email Campaigns

We are great listeners and thinkers. Our expertise lies in modernizing and growing small to medium-sized businesses. Our cost-effective digital solutions generate user experience satisfaction and search engine recognition.


How We Do It

Form, Functionality, Findability and Usability

Creativity meets functionality

Sure, we believe in and are accomplished at creating aesthetically pleasing website designs. But this in and of itself does not drive fruitful consumer engagement. Your website is a business asset, a tool that should: drive traffic to the site, present valuable content that keeps users engaged throughout the buying cycle and converts them into paying customers. Effective websites generate leads, increase your customer base, increase revenue, and automate certain tasks so that you can focus on the day-to-day operations of your business. It is this empathy for your bottom line that drives our bus.

Our Team

We have a diverse team of professional website designers and developers, graphic artist, SEO specialists, industry knowledgeable content writers, marketers, and software developers. Each team member has a comprehensive understanding of the connection between  User Experience, SEO, and Brand.


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