Technology-Enable SEO Proces

Sapient Technology-Enable SEO Process

Take a look at our six step Sapient SEO process, which drives millions of leads and millions in revenue for our clients. Discover how Sapient SEO marketers boosts our clients’ online presence, search engine ranking, sales, and revenue.

I.    Industry and Competitor Research

The first step in the Sapient SEO campaign process is to conduct a thorough investigation of your industry, your company, competitors, and your website. Using data analysis techniques, we then develop a detailed SEO plan.

  • Comprehensive Competitor Analysis
  • Website & Server Analysis
  • Analyze Google’s 200+ On-Site SEO Factors 

II.   Optimization

From Information Architecture (IA) – deciding how to best organize your website so that search engines and users understand it – to User Experience Design (UX) – the process of creating websites that provide meaningful and relevant experiences to users – Sapient eCommerce’s website development team makes both large and small changes to your website that enable search engines to better understand your relevance to search queries. Sapient Website Development and Sapient SEO work together driving effective technical SEO. Together they check off all the boxes: increase findability, increase usability, increase website speed/decrease load time, and user-demanded website functionality.

  • Optimized title tags & meta descriptions
  • Enhanced usability
  • Improved Website Architecture

III.   Optimized Content Creation

One does not optimize websites. One optimizes content. Each page of your website is optimized for the content on that page and that page alone. Search engines drive users to webpages that are relevant to their search query. It is a two-step. Sapient optimized website content delivers valuable, i.e., relevant, content to users and by doing so, increases the probability of being recognized and ranked by search engines.  No matter what message your company wishes to present, we will provide compelling and sharable content that users will spend time reading. This in turn will reduce your site’s bounce rate and increase dwell time, both of which are ranking signals for Google.

Website SEO Optimized Content That Converts

  • Educational Longform Comprehensive Content that increases the likelihood of attracting high quality links, presenting in-demand valuable information, and thereby ranking higher on Google.
  • Frequently written readable and valuable blog post content that keeps potential customers coming back for more.

IV.   Keyword Research

Our diligent keyword research and analysis process forms the foundation of our Sapient SEO services. Your ideal customer persona is the cornerstone of our keyword development process. Knowing which words ideal customers use to search for products and services inevitably attracts valuable traffic to your website. This method fulfills the Relevance SEO Ranking Factor required by Google. Relevance plus on-page SEO is a winning combination, securing new leads, increased sales, and repeat customers.

  • Competitor Keyword Analysis
  • Trending Topics and Niche Research
  • Keyword Traffic Data Analysis
  • Google Keyword Competition Scores
  • Innovative Rank Tracking

V.   Earned Backlinks

It is virtually impossible to beat out competitors who have more backlinks. Links are the currency of the Web. Each time a page links to another it is a vote for the value of the page being linked to. If a page is valued, it will be linked to from other quality sites and Google takes note. Dedicated Sapient SEO services include naturally building backlinks on Authoritative, Relevant, and High Quality (i.e., Trusted) sites.

  • Quality Content Creation and Promotion
  • Acquiring Mentions from Relevant Blogs & Press
  • Developing Marketing Campaigns that go Viral

VI.  The Buying Cycle & Keyword Anatomy

It isn’t enough to drive relevant traffic to a client’s website. Sapient SEO optimization services propels users through the Buying Cycle (Product Research, Refining Search, Purchasing) by focusing on long-tail keyword anatomy. We test, retest, and continually adjust the Sapient SEO Marketing strategy.

  • Site Structure and Keywords
  • Buying Cycle Path Analysis
  • Call-to-action (CTA) Refinement
  • ROI Tracking

Sapient SEO Management Services

SEO is the most effective digital marketing strategy to improve the online presence of your business, drive relevant traffic to your website, and increase conversions and revenue.

SEO, however, is not a one-off but an aggregation of many smaller techniques that are required to rank well on search engines, especially on Google.

Sapient SEO strategies include smaller tasks that when combined produce holistic and thereby effective website optimization,

  • Sapient SEO Audits
  • Sapient Keyword Research
  • Sapient Content Creation
  • Sapient On-page Optimization

Sapient Website SEO Audit

A Sapient Website SEO Audit is the first step in creating a SEO strategy for your company.


In order to uncover areas of your website in need of improvement and develop a SEO strategy, a Sapient SEO specialist will conduct a technical SEO audit of your existing website.

As a part of your Sapient SEO audit, your dedicated SEO account manager will look at the following:

  • Your website’s Readability, Usability, and Functionality
  • Your website analytics
  • Google Search Console data
  • etc.

Keyword Research

After having developed your Ideal Customer Persona(s) we will conduct comprehensive keyword research. Without keyword research it is impossible to rank well and be found by your target audience in the search engine results.

Keyword Research and keyword implementation enables your company to attract potential clients or customers by creating content that jibes with the words and phrases they use when searching for your products or services. This is what is meant by “optimizing your content”. Just remember that no one likes a bait and switch. Once you’ve successfully attracted your ideal customers to the website, you must deliver relevant and valuable content that meets their needs at each stage of the buying cycle.

Content Creation and Implementation

Webpage Content is what ranks in search engines. Without optimized content a successful SEO campaign is practically impossible.

Keyword Research based on target audience profile development is the foundation of optimized content creation. No matter what type of business you own, thoughtfully researched content can be utilized to attract and convert potential customers to paying customers.

Every type of well written content with keywords naturally woven in  and geared toward searcher intent benefits your website ranking. Whether it’s webpage content, social media content, or blog posts, keyword-rich valuable content  that adheres to Google’s best practices will attract potential customers to your site. This is true of manufacturer websites as well.



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