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Sapient website design services measurably enhances your company’s ubiquity on the Internet. Visualize website development that connects a myriad of services including – analytics, automation, brand strategy, external data providers, business logics, as well as the latest trends in UX/UI design and programming. Now picture all of these services working in unison to enable growth. At Sapient eCommerce we have been developing leading edge and highly functional custom website applications that engender increased revenue and improved performance for our clients since 1999.

The market is exceedingly fluid. Companies must develop agile, scalable, and collaborative systems and processes that enable staff and managers to work effectively while working remotely. Messaging apps are exhibiting growth across the board – via company websites, social messaging apps, and text/SMS. We, therefore, emphasize the importance of developing omnichannel expertise.

In our new digital environment, successful companies will depend on technology to manage the increasing amount of customer interactions and remote workforce. Emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), business process automation and the self-service business model are becoming indispensable to manage the volume of customer tickets and increased dependence on data analytics to optimize the customer experience. The successful companies of the future are those making these digital transitions today so as to not play catch up tomorrow.


Whether one owns an eCommerce store or a service business, the astute business owner keeps up with the latest trends in website design in order to create superior, high-performance websites that sustain customers’ attention. Design is not simply about aesthetics and affection. Design also emcompasses functionality – How Things Work.

50 milliseconds!

That’s how long it takes visitors to your website to determine whether or not your business is credible. It’s all the time you have to distinguish your website from your crowded competitor landscape. It does not matter if you’re a non-profit organization or a corporation, a local business or an enterprise level eCommerce potential and existing customers and clients search for information about your company online. With the overwhelming abundance of consumer choices, when a potential customer is online looking for brand distinction, a cookie-cutter template-quality website will definitely not secure their interest.

We’ve grown over the last 21 years. Designing compelling custom websites that draw viewers into your world, from around the world, keeping them there, and inviting them to return again and again must be viewed as a masterfully planned process from both visual and functional viewpoints. Sapient eCommerce’s perfect melding of website design and development, optimization, and end-user behavior metrics will land potential customers, clients or patients right where you want them – at your door.

The methodology for delivering compelling customer experience changes constantly. As your business objectives, your customers’ expectations, and your competitors change so must your website design and functionality. Engage expert custom website designers in your process of growth. At Sapient eCommerce we believe in the consultation approach. We will help you decide who to reach, how to reach them, and how to keep them coming back – while sustaining your online agenda. Our custom websites provide flexibility and adaptability for your day-to-day operations and competitive edge.

Let the professionals at Sapient eCommerce research your industry and competitive landscape. We’ll identify areas in which we could dramatically enhance your web presence and improve your bottom line.

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A Sapient Approach to Website Design

Website design and development is no longer a matter of replicating your business card or brochure in digital form and throwing in a phone number. It just doesn’t cut it any more. Effective website design and development must combine strategic creative marketing acumen and brand differentiation.

Without brand differentiation, it is nearly impossible to carve out a competitituve advantage. A professional grade website builds valuable long-term relationships with customers by delivering an enjoyable and useful experience.

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The first step in building a successful online presence is to focus on developing a strong branding strategy. Branding strategies include many components: company colors, a compelling logo, relevant content, and a highly functional feature-rich website. The aggregation of these elements forms your business’ branding voice. A well thought out branding strategy with a creative design and an appealing voice will attract new customers and engage existing ones.

Customer Personas

Do you know what your customers expect from you? How do they prefer to interact with you? And in the current digital environment, attributable to emerging advanced technologies and promoted/stimulated by restrictions of the pandemic, businesses need to develop an effective and distinguishable customer experience?

According to a recent study on customer trends by Zendesk customer experience (CX) is more important to now than it was a year ago.

Since the beginning of COVID-19, the average weekly customer support requests are up 20%, and e-commerce sales increased by 30%. In addition, digital adoption has jumped by 50% year over year for the last three years. Obviously, developing a first-rate customer experience is becoming imperative. Companies are expected to be available whenever customers wish to engage them, on whichever channels they prefer. Customer engagement is expected to be intuitive, quick, and efficient at resolving inquiries.

Frustrate the expectations of your customers, according to the Zendesk study, and 50% of your customers will switch to a competitor after the first bad experience. Approximately 80% will leave after a second one misstep.

According to the study, “The dramatic events of 2020 have caused customers to take a hard look at their priorities and values. As a result, they want companies that lead with their values – whether that means having greater empathy for customer needs, prioritizing diversity, inclusion and equality in their workplaces and communities, or being more socially responsible.”

The Digital World has Become More Conversational

Successful businesses going forward will have to listen attentively to their customers. In order to reach your ideal customers, those with the greatest probability of becoming paying customers, you must know who they are and understand their expectations. Where do they live, what are their age ranges, what are their buying habits? We base the development of customer personas on research and analysis of real customers.

Consequently, we form a picture of your customers’ emotion traits – what motivates them, what are their brand expectations, how do they wish for brands to communicated with them, etc.

These customer insights enable our clients to foster brand loyalty and brand recognition heightening long term market share.


New Nonconformist

Individualist Mindset

Confident in their values and
choices; cross cultural, expressive, connected.


tech/mobile engaged
(23%, 60MM, US)

Active lifestyle

Doers, always on, socially energetic,
Confident, Connected, Pioneering.

Wants: intimate, immediate, and personal

I want my relaxation + entertainment + social connection to be highly relevant and high-impact.

Seeks out

I seek out the next big thing that gives me social currency: also, ways to express myself, my uniqueness, and connect more richly with others.

Passion points

Music, keeping up with latest trends,
gaming, sports, embracing new
experiences and sharing out my stories.


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