January 2022

SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION – Distinguishing Yourself from Your Competitors

Search Engine Optimization( SEO) is the process of improving the quantity of unpaid anonymous traffic to your website.

If I’ve never heard of your company but are searching for your services or products using specific keywords, would I find your company listed in the Search Results? There are several Key factors to enhance your SEO ranking. The most salient one is the content of your website pages.
Sapient eCommerce’s methods for improving content are grounded in your specific industry and customer demographics, vastly improving how you can be found in an Internet search. Original content and SEO work together to provide helpful content that attracts visitors. “Content” includes text, images, and videos. The perfect combination of various content will get your site better ranking enabling more people to find you (Forbes, 2021).

If you are looking to grow your business, Search Engine Optimization offers small and medium size businesses a competitive edge you will need to distinguish yourself from your competition. If the first page of Google Search Results receives 90% of search traffic, how can you afford not to be listed there? Sapient eCommerce identifies your competitors, analyzes their weaknesses and strengths, develops a personalized SEO Strategy, and creates your online reputation. Our methods are grounded in the science of SEO and will improve your online content and boost your Search Engine ranking in local searches.

Want to grow? Let Sapient help. If you are looking to outsource your digital marketing efforts, we would be happy to spend time learning more about your business. Start by scheduling a time for us to talk through the calendar link found here

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