Purchase our social media packages as stand-alone products or as add-ons to Search Engine Marketing, Custom or eCommerce website development. We suggest combining social media marketing with search engine optimization. Together they provide many opportunities for your business to increase its search engine ranking.

Availability and Relevance

More than 8 out of 10 consumers today follow companies and brands on Facebook. To stay relevant businesses must be on Facebook. A company’s social media profile gives consumers a view into its personality. Your profile page is your company’s voice. It is how consumers judge your brand’s trustworthiness. Social media is also an outlet that engenders conversation. Stay relevant in the here-and-now by engaging your customers.


Social Setup & Optimization

Sapient Social’s marketing experts work with clients, whether they’re just starting out or they need to update and optimize existing social media efforts.  Our efforts capitalize on opportunities to be found in relevant search results. Social media profile optimization involves optimizing profile images, taglines, and biographies as well as all other company information. The combination of these efforts results in your social media profile being easily found in search results.


With Sapient Social you’ll be able to login to your own dashboard. There you’ll be able to view all social media reports, edit or approve scheduling or posts. Via social media analytics, you can see Facebook engagement metrics that include: likes, shares, impressions, and reach. We want you to see in real-time the success of the social media strategy you and your Account Manager developed. Over time, through consistent social media posts, profile optimization, and other social media advertising, the number of likes and impression will increase.

Social Media Post Management

Because you are very busy, we do all the curating and scheduling of social media posts. All posts pertaining to your business products and/or services. Yet, no one knows your business as well as your do. Hence, we encourage you to participate with your social media community whenever possible. As we consistently attend to your social media strategy, you’ll be able to create and schedule your own social media posts.



SapientSocial Features

Social Media Profile Setup

     Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Social Media Profile Optimization

     Updating current profiles by adding important, keyword optimized company information.

Real-Time Social Media Metrics

     Take a look at how our social media strategy affects page views, impressions, and overall engagement.

Facebook Ads

     Increase traffic to your Facebook page, engage with followers and drive traffic to your website with strategically placed Facebook ads.

Editorial Calendar and Content Scheduling

     Schedule social media posts for your in-house content creation or edit the social posts we’ve curated and scheduled.

Easy Approval Process

   Login to your account where you’ll be able to approve social media posts before they’re published.

Expert Social Media Marketers

     Feel confident. Your marketing is being conducted by well-trained and seasoned social media marketing professionals.