Corporate Website Design

Corporate Website Design

The best-case scenario for any corporate website is that it’s firmly planted at number one on search engine results pages for desired keywords, influencers in its network are producing engaging and valuable content daily, followers are increasing in number exponentially and the email open rates are skyrocketing. Yet, your conversion rate is abysmal. Today, getting possible customers/clients to your website is not very difficult. It’s getting them to take the desired action once on the website that keeps business owner up at night. A poorly designed website or a site not designed and optimized to convert traffic into sales is usually the culprit. We conduct an exhaustive website analysis to hone in on the problem. The analysis report provides clear indications as to why your site’s visitors are bouncing without taking desired actions. Could be your site’s speed, lousy landing pages, weak calls-to-action or fluffy content.

It’s Business Not Art
As we see it, the most salient objective of a corporate website is lead generation. Our professional team of designers and programmers create sticky landing pages. Pages that not only engage visitors but also prompt them to take the desired action while on the page. We don’t believe in creating digital solutions that push the boundaries of design and creativity for our corporate clients. We believe in creating digital solutions that push visitors to become paying customers/clients. It’s an efficacious formula: drive traffic to the site, create engaging and valuable content that keeps them on the page and spur them on to share with others, create alluring incentivized calls-to-action, gather intel to improve upon success.

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